Thursday, 26 June 2014

Poland Day 3

Hello everybody!

Today we decided to sleep a bit longer because the weather was not all that good. After breakfast Eryk went to help my grandad with some garden work and I was sitting in the garden with Lili. Then the sun finally came out and I could tan. I am quite happy because I didn't want to spend all summer at home.

In the afternoon Eryk wanted to ride a moped bike so he did. And he did all evening long, which means that I could forget talking to him. :D

We also went to the shop to buy more crisps and drinks and other stuff we just buy and don't even know why.

And now my mum and Noah arrived and I just wanted to quickly upload some pictures because we are tired and want to go to bed soon.

Eryk working with my uncle yesterday night.

                                                              Having fun with Lili :D

Someone is jealous I think!


My boys <3

Dog fights -no animals were hurt, don't worry 

OOTD: Forever21 Jumper, Forever21 Skirt, H&M Tights, Vans

Have you ever tried this one? We just did and although I really hate alcohol, but I enjoyed this drink.

Now we are off to the bed and I hope that tomorrow will be a really warm day finally.



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