Sunday, 1 June 2014

Non-beauty favourites of May

It is June already and my finals are sooner and sooner!
I promised to do this entry and I hope that you will like it, as it is the first one of this kind on my blog! :)

So here we go!
The first thing is this little box I got for my birthday from my friend Nicole. It is so practical and I just always have it in my bag. It has a small mirror on the inside of the lid and you can store pain killers, lip balm, chewing gum and a nail file inside, just as I do.

 The second thing is the Swatch watch I bought myself after my birthday. I never thought I would love wearing a watch, but I really enjoy wearing this one. It is very classical, small and it goes with everything.

 Then we have these cute tiny lace socks I just totally adore. I am so angry with myself that I didn't buy more of them because they are really amazing. Especially in summer, when you have shoes that you shouldn't probably wear without socks, these ones will save your life!

Lately, I had to carry with me so many things to school even though I don't have all lessons anymore. This bag was just another saver as it is really big and stable and the best bag I have for school.

Next thing is shoes. I got this pair of shoes in early April and I love them so much right now. They are not too hot and perfect for this time of the year when it is not too warm and not too cold. They are made out of leather so they should not get destroyed easily. A point that makes me sad is that leather tends to get scratches everywhere and so does my pair already have some small ones, but on the other hand all shoes get dirty or scratched at some point so I decided not to worry too much about that.
 The next very exciting thing is my new camera, I just totally enjoy using it and am so happy that I decided to buy it, even though I don't have too much money yet. I am sure this will be a great gadget in summer and on journeys. I am just so excited about using this one once I am out of school. It is also a really good camera and totally worth the price in my opinion.

Food, well, I am not too much a food fan, but when it comes to watermelon. Oh dear, I was constantly buying half of a watermelon every day for a week or even longer. I am just addicted to watermelon and I could live from it. I think that tomorrow I will need to buy a new one again-

And the last category for today is music: I fell in love with Clean Bandit! Just click on the name and it will redirect you to their channel. In April I just liked one song and soon I started listening to all of them and now I just can't s top anymore. It is quiiiite a strange genre, but it makes me happy and feel very summery.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, tomorrow I will have some lessons again and I still need to study so much that I just don't want anymore.



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