Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Flowers and thoughts

It got a bit late already, but I just had no chance to write earlier. I somehow feel bad for that, but I really have no other choice. I have so much to study that I don't even know when I should eat to be honest. I can tell you however, that in 19 days it will be over finally and I will be on holidays, which means that more exciting blog posts will come up very often!

Today it was quite warm outside and I wore this beautiful dress from New Look again (It is surely my favourite one at the moment) I remember the day I bought it so well, Eryk had to sort out some insurance stuff and let me alone on Princes Street in Edinburgh and I just went to all the cool shops and he then found me and I was so fascinated because all the dresses I have seen were so pretty and I felt so happy, it was so sunny and warm! This dress just brings back nice memories to my day.

And here you can see how my days look like lately, that's why I am happy to have some nice memories in my head sometimes to not get crazy!

Here I am, beautifully posing with my "ballerina legs" as Eryk and I always like to joke. I miss him so much actually.

And the last thought for today: School, please let me carry this bag finally! I have been carrying my GABS bag with me over the last days because I need to take sooooo many books to school that it is truly insane! My arms are red dotted because of how heavy the bag is and I will be so happy once I won't need to carry anything to school anymore.



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