Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sunshine, summer and studying

It is still so hot outside and it makes me so happy because I hate it when it is cold and dark. However, I am still studying and it is killing me. I found a way to spend some time in the sun even though I need to revise. I am sitting on my balcony with some tan enhancing spray on my skin and I just hope that I will get a bit of a tan before I go on holidays because I am so pale right now that it is even strange for my circumstances.

When I am at home, this is how it looks like when I study. Not too good I'd say. Paper mess everywhere again. It is driving me crazy- trust me!

When I am on the balcony, my eyes hurt so much that I look like this.

But I got bit of a tan line already, which makes me happy.

And as you can see, 35 degrees in the shadow, not bad.

This is how my days look like now and I just hope that I will pass all of my exams so that I can finally relax and forget school for a month.



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