Monday, 23 June 2014

Last empties from my house!

Good morning!

Today Eryk called me at 6am when I was sleeping and then I woke up at about 8, got ready because I am meeting up with my Dani for the last time! :( We need to get something from town and then I will need to get ready for my graduation and I will be gone all day long. In the evening I will be on the coach to Poland and my holidays will finally begin!

And for this reason I am uploading the blog post now! :)

The famous empties bag is full again!

These are the products that are empty now. As you can see, some of them are well known already.

Again the head&shoulders shampoo, which I am going to use today for the last time! Not this one, but another bottle of course. Then I will be gone and I will be using a different one.
Also an empty product this time is the Penaten baby oil. And I can tell you that it kind of saved my life lately. Because of all the stress and sun allergy my skin got SO dry, I swear, I have never seen this before. It was peeling off like flour, my clothes where seriously white on the inside for about a month! Even though I was using the baby oil every single evening, and also very often my Garnier body lotion. If I stopped using this oil, my skin would probably look so horrible and so disguisting now! It got better luckily, but it still is very sore and itchy and it is still everywhere on my clothes but it got really better!
 I also used my first own Carex soap! I really loved it so much and it is also very good in order to clean make up brushes! The smell is so nice and it is pinky and you know, just generally a nice product. I will make sure that in Scotland we will always have some Carex soap in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen.
Another empty product is my Dove deodorant. It smells like pomegranate and lemon I believe. I actually bought this one last July in Poland, left it in Scotland from September to December, then started using it again and it got empty just some days ago! I bought the same one but just in a compressed spray bottle because I thought it would be nice to have such a deodorant in the bag on the go! I really really adore this scent and I hope that I will still find it once I move to Scotland because I am just in love with it.

And the last two products for today:
The raspberry kiss shwoer gel from treaclemoon. I got this one for Christmas from a friend and I have been using this one every second day and then the Soap&Glory Foam call the other second days, if you know what I mean. But lately I decided that I need to finish one off before I leave for holidays because I can't take 2 big bottles of shower gel with me. I love the smell of this shower gel and as you can see I have been using it for 6 months so I'd say that for 5 Euros it is really worth trying it out. I also like the look of the bottle a lot.
And the last product for today is my much loved Soap&Glory Daily soothe bath float. I am not really the bath person but from time to time I decided to have a short bath because I wanted to use this product so much. It bubbles up very nicely, the smell is just amazing and I will surely buy it again once I arrive in Scotland. I also liked using this for foot baths before I got my poor nails done. I also got this for Christmas and I emptied it just a few days ago.

Well, Dani just arrived and we are off to town. 
See you next time when I arrive in Poland!



  1. welcome in Poland Olivia :-)

  2. My journey just started,will be there tomorrow morning :)

  3. where you are? in staw?

  4. We are at my granny's now but I will also be in Staw