Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fruity evening

I am still sitting in my bed studying all day long as my finals are in two days already! I should pass all the exams (and I better will!!) and after that I will have peace. I will probably be crying out of relief and happiness. If I pass, of course. Then I will have whole Sunday to pack, on Monday I will have my graduation from the afternoon until the evening, so this means that I will be packing in the morning as well. After the graduation and celebration I will be heading to the bus to Poland and on Tuesday morning I will be with the rest of my family finally and of course with my dearest Eryk <3
I am super excited already for summer, but I can't concentrate on it too much really because of the non-stop revision. So I just need to survive the next 3 days and then the freedom will come! I will do this!

Yet another day I am eating watermelon. I seriously am addicted I'd say.
Also, my arm is still so sore that I can't move it properly and this is not too nice as you can probably imagine.

Yes, this is how my bed looks every single day since probably September!
I don't want to study anymore!!!



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  1. that melon looks so refreshing! i could do with some of that right now! id love it if youd comment back xx