Friday, 13 June 2014

Early-harvest Raspberry shower gel | The Body Shop

Hello everyone!
Today in the morning I went to town as I had to buy myself a dress for my final exams and graduation. On my way to school and after trying on 12 dresses ( and also thankfully buying a dress) I popped into the lovely body shop and just checked out the new products. I know that I really shouldn't do hat as I am leaving next week and I just need to sort it out what I am going to take to Poland, what will be coming with me overseas and so on. I am currently trying to use as many unnecessary products right now that I really shouldn't spend money on new things. However, as it was my birthday in April, I got a voucher from The Body Shop and I thought: "Why not use it?" So this is the reason I bought this gorgeous smelling shower gel today. I think I will take it to Poland on holidays because it is really refreshing and a very summery scent so I think it will be perfect. I am not sure if I am going to use the whole bottle in less than 3 weeks but Eryk can use it as well to be honest and then it will hopefully be empty by the time we need to leave Poland. I have to say that I really love The Body Shop and that I had quite many things from there Last weekend I gave 4 body lotions to my cousin as I am not able to use all of them in one week. I also have lip butters from the shop and I don't even know what more I bought there, but I know that I had so many grapefruit and strawberry shower gels.

 I can't wait to finally use this one because it smells SO amazing!!!
Did you try this one already?



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