Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hello everybody!
First of all, I am soo sorry that I didn't upload anything yesterday, but trust me, I was so scared that I wouldn't pass my exams that I was studying until 10 pm and still felt like I knew nothing.
Today I finally had all my exams and I PASSED!!!!
This means that I am done with school! I am so happy and so relieved, now the summer, the fun times can come, now I can plan things again and just live my life.

It was a very, very long day for me and I am super exhausted, I'll just quickly upload this post, take a shower and jump into my bed finally.
I thought that I'd like to share my outfit with you and sadly I didn't manage to get a photo taken by someone, so sorry for the selfies!

Once I got home my dad prepared this for me :)

Also, I usually don't like roses, but these are pinky and the look so nice!

And here is the dress I wore. I really enjoyed wearing it, and I will surely wear it in summer often. It is from Forever21.

As I have some issues with my knees, it was just impossible for me to wear heels all day long. So I bought these sandals some days ago and I think that they are pretty and that I will wear them in summer a lot as well. I got these from Vögele.

My nail polish is from Golden Rose Nr. 13.

Soon the adventure starts and I just can't wait anymore!


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