Thursday, 12 June 2014

Room project

Today I wanted to write something about our plans for the new house. We have wuite a big room and not so much of furniture inside, which is perfect because we could design the room the way we would like it. So now I was just doing a small project, drawing a picture of what the room could look like and I wanted to write what needs to be done and what I would like to add and so on.
(Keep in mind that there is not as much space in the middle of the room!)

The walls are beige/nude in our room, which I think is very very very amazing (compared to the standard yellow wall paint in all the other British houses). I would like to keep them actually.

Sadly, there is no wooden floor in the bed rooms and in the hallway, but we have one in the living room. The carpet in our room is kind of a terracotta colour I'd say and it is not that bad, but it really needs some proper washing and I thought it would be even better if we could just rip the carpet out and just put some laminate there. It wouldn't be as expensive, it surely would look better (+ a cool carpet in the middle) but we need to ask the landlord and this could be tricky because most likely we will not be allowed to change the floor. But we'll try. Also, I was thinking of painting the two small bedside tables white and also the windowswill because they are brown and the awesome wardrobe and the door are white, so it doesn't look too good together.

This wardrobe is so huge! But the space is not used efficiently there, which is a pity. We know however, that we will change the shelves that are inside and that we will design the wardrobe the way we could use it properly. Also, Eryk decided to make me a small make up space there (as my Birthday gift) and I think this is a very nice idea. The wardrobe is big enough to create some space for me. We could just buy a small table or just a tabletop and we could buy a mirror, nice lights and just all the make up accessories a girl needs. I am very excited for this part of the room as it will be just my own space.

I was thinking of buying a chest of drawers and place it next to the door. There we could store underwear, bags, towels, bed sheets and stuff like that. On top of the drawer I would place some nice flowers, candles and maybe some jewellery ( if I won't keep it in the make up space). Above the drawers I would like to hang a nice painting and maybe two small lamps on the side to brighten up the room in the evenings without turning on the main light. Also, I thought about buying a taller shelf and to put it just next to the bed. There we could store books and school stuff, all documents and stuff like that. A good idea would also be to put pretty boxes there and to store the paper mess in them.

As Eryk is using his computer VERY often and I probably will as well, I thought about buying a slimmer but longer desk so that two computers would fit on it. Also, I would say to buy two comfy seats and I could just use mine also for the make up space because keeping an additional seat will probably take too much space that we could need.

I thought of keeping one of the bedside tables (just to paint it white) and to place it between the working space and the bed. This could be a place where I could keep my pills that I need to take early in the morning, to put down a book, glasses, handcream and stuff like that.

BED:I was planning on turning the bed 180° as it would occupy less space. I like it to have many pillows and a throw and nice bed sheets and covers. Above the bed on the small wall I would put some framed pictures of us and on the bigger wall I would also put one simple shelf in order to keep my favourite books and maybe some more candles. I also thought about painting the wooden part of the bed white because it would look better. Then I would decorate this part with some cute fairy lights. I don't know what to do with the fabric part of the bed (the lower part). I don't like it the way it is now, but maybe we could buy some plain coloured fabric and to just cover it up.

We will see how things will turn out and I hope that our room will be cosy and lovely.



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