Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Travelling times!


Yesterday night I was on my coach journey to Poland finally, even though it was a sad goodbye to all of my friends. Today at 7:30 am Eryk and my uncle picked me up from  the bus terminal. We grabbed some breakfast from McDonald's and then went home.

My little cousin Lili grew so much and she is talking so much already. Once she saw me, she didn't want to let me go for a looong time. We are staying in my granny's house tonight and I hope that tomorrow will be a warmer day so that I can relax in the sun finally.

I took so many pictures in order to show them to you but sadly I have no access to a laptop just now. We were trying to connect the camera to the tablet but it wouldn't work. I will try to upload more photos tomorrow cause I can't today. It's late now so we will get some sleep.

Good Night!

- Olivia


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