Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Poland day 1 and 2

Hello everybody!

Now that I am on my grandpa's laptop I can upload also pictures from yesterday!
Today we were at home and I was hoping for nice weather, but sadly it was raining all day long and it was quite cold. My cousin had a school festival and we went there but it was taking place outside so we were hiding in tents all the time because it was really raining heavily. We got home after maybe one hour or something and we decided to play some Monopoly and to order a pizza (we always do this in Poland). Now we ate it and stopped playing the game, Eryk went to the garage to help my uncle repairing his car. I am sitting here in the living room with my dogs and the children and I think that we will soon go upstairs to watch a movie before we go to bed because there is really nothing else that we could do today. The weather is said to get better by Friday, and I really hope that it will because I wanted to tan a bit.

I took this picture somewhere in Poland at 4 am during my journey. I thought the sky looked so amazing!

And here I am with my cutest cousin Lili. She got so big already and uses whole sentences when talking. She is so funny!

This is what the sky looked like yesterday evening just outside my window. I don't know why, but somehow skies lately look so nice!

And as always we have our favourite Lay's. These are my favourite crisps and I am always sad when I leave Poland because they are actually unavailable in Austria.

This is what I looked like today and I think I look kind of different here, I don/t know why.

Also our cute Orion got so big already! But he is still such a nice dog and I just love cuddling with him. It really makes me sad everytime I need to leave him behind!

Here is my outfit before we went to this school festival because I only took this dress to my granny's house. It was so cold however, that we had to have a stop at my aunt's house in order to take my whole luggage to my granny's and to get me tights, a sweater and closed shoes.

Reunited <3

Rain drops and grey skies are not the best things in summer.

And the last picture for today: my favourite jellies! They are soooooo tasty and they are shaped like lips. They cost 39 p and you can buy them in Scotmid (in Scotland), I don't know if you can in other supermarkets because I haven't seen them, but maybe you can. They are so good!

We have no plan for tomorrow yet and we will probably spend it in my granny's house again with the girls and dogs. 
I hope you are having fun times just as we do!


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