Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer bucket list


I was thinking about this summer for a long time already as it will be a different one. I am moving out and this means that I will have to get along without my parents- I will be an adult myyself. I am very excited and I think that I will have lots of fun, but of course also harder times will come and I am aware of that. However, I need to think positive and always try my best to succeed.
But before I move, we will have some days of holidays, which I think very cool. Eryk will be waiting in Poland already and I will arrive the morning after my graduation. And for this reason I decided to do a Summer bucket list to know what I would really like to do over the days we are in Poland to have a nice stay before the serious life begins.

However this summer holiday will turn out, I think the most important thing is to enjoy the time, to relax and to just have fun because you will have to wait a whole year again for it!

And if you are wondering what I wore today, here it is: Primark sweater, H&M top, Reserved leggings, Vans fluorescent pink shoesies <3 On the ground you can also see my beautiful Fossil satchel.

And my make up and hair look like this! :)
(My lipstick is the Astor lip butter in Cheeky Cherry)



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