Sunday, 22 June 2014

Empty room-things are getting serious

Today in the morning I woke up quite early because I still had the feeling that I need to study, but nope. I could stay in bed all day long, but I got out of bed because I was so happy and relieved. I finally feel myself again and I have so much energy!
And as tomorrow is my graduation, and after that I am leaving, today was the BIG packing and throwing things away day. By BIG I really mean BIG. We threw away more than 5 bags of school stuff, and so many other things that were not used anymore. My room looks so empty now that I have packed everything for Poland and even for Scotland.

To give you an impression of how my day looked like, have a look at the pictures below!

All the post cards are in one of the suitcases that are coming with me to Scotland.

We turned my bed again in order to get things out of the storage thingy next to my bed.

All the photos from my wardrobe are also in one of the suitcases.

The black ones are supposed to come to Scotland. The brown one is packed for Poland. Also, once I come back from Poland, most of the things from this bag need to come to Scotland as well! I hope that Eryk will have space for these things in his suitcase.

And... the wardrobe.. empty... it looks quite scary, I think.

And after all the hard work I crushed some ice cubes and 500g of strawberries and this is what I got, an AMAZING sorbet!
I am so sad I drank all of it already :(

Tomorrow in the morning I need to go to town to buy something important, then I will come home, get ready for the graduation and after that there will be some food in a restaurant and after that I will be on my way to the bus terminal and off to Poland!
This means that I will try to upload the Empties tomorrow morning.