Sunday, 15 June 2014

My OOTD 30: Mermaid!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday mum and I went to town in the morning because I still needed a dress for my graduation and mum also wanted some summer dresses. I finally got a beautiful dress and my mum also bought some things herself.  Then we thought we'd just have a look at the things in H&M. Well, there were millions of people in there because there is massive sale, and I wasn't really the one to shop as I am trying to get rid of my old clothes as well as possible in order to buy everything new just when I arrive in Scotland. And yes, I got rid of quite many things already, but I know that I will leave some more things here. But as I spotted 2 things I really needed to have (and one of them was a thing I was thinking of constatntly since the day I spotted it there) I just got them. The first thing is this very cute "mermaid top" which has very thin straps and they are also crossed on your back, the top is very loose and the material is also thin. Perfect for summer! It looks cool in skater skirts, it looks cool when it is just hanging down loosely, I am just in love with this little baby. And I decided that I need to get a second one of it if possible.
The second thing I bought is a very fluffly black cardigan. It looks very thick, but it isn't in fact. I think it will be amazing in summer when going out in the evenings sitting in the garden and even on more chilly days. Once I will be wearing it, I will show it to you guys. Also, I thought it would be very good for Scotland, as summer is not as hot over there and it is mostly very cold in the shadow, so it would be nice to have such a cardigan to just throw on your shoulders once you need it.

So this is my todays outfit. Not really exciting, but I just wanted to share this top with you.
The top is from H&M as I said already and the black skirt is from Forever21 that I bought about 3 or 4 years ago.

I think it looks so cute. I don't even know why....

And oh dear...time is going by so fast... finals on Saturday. Going on holidays next monday. Moving to Scotland in less than a month. Oh dear. Everything is getting real now. I can't believe it.



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