Monday, 30 June 2014

Poland Day 6 and 7


I am really sorry that I didnt' manage to upload anything yesterday. I took many pictures but I just had no time to sit in front of a laptop to write a post. I feel really bad about that because I usually write everyday. Today we are just sitting at my aunt's house playing with the children. The weather is awful, it is raining non-stop and cold and windy. We actually wanted to go to town this morning but as my aunt has some appointments herself we just needed to stay with the kids. And as I said it is cold and raining so walking around town is not the best idea today. I am not sure what we are going to do later but we don't have any plans just now. This means that I am not sure if I am going to upload some further images for today's update.

Yesterday I wore my Pimkie jumper, an s.Oliver top underneath, my Forever21 shorts and  my sandals from Cube/ Voegele.

As you can see the skies were grey yesterday and today it is even worse.

I kicked the coffee table with my small toe on my right foot and I swear I thought it ripped off and I immediately fell to the ground and couldn't move my whole leg anymore and I was sure that I broke my toe again. My aunt gave me some painkillers and some ice spray and it got better. It looks like my toe is alright, but the pain was horrible. 

While I was doing my crosswords outside with some ice on my toe, the small ones were jumping on the trampoline having lots of fun.

In the evening my uncle made some baked rolls with cheese, ham, tomatoes, mayonnaise and ketchup. It was so delicious!!

I'll go and keep an eye on the kids because I think that Eryk might need some help.



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