Tuesday, 17 June 2014

What happened today?


Today I had a vaccination done, as I needed to refresh it again and the good thing about it is that it was one injection for four diseases, but the bad thing is that my arm hurts so terribly that I really can't move it out of pain. Well, I hope that it will get better in two days, as this is what the nurses told me. I am not too sure how I will sleep tonight but I will try my best to get some hours of sleep at lease. I will try to be a big girl and to survive!

Oh, and a cool thing is that my mum cooked such nice dinner today! It was so delicious and it is very rare for me to admit that I really enjoyed eating it! Please don't think that I have eating disorders or something, but I prefer eating sweets than proper dinner. I know this is bad, but this is just how I am.
The rest of the day I have been studying and in already three days I will have my final exams. I am a bit stressed out but I am sure I will pass somehow.

Alright, so I am now off to watch some vlogs and to revise some more.

Look at the houses I found today!

I think they look so cool! So pretty!

Well, here you can see my dinner, which was very very tasty and I was so full after I had it!

And here I am kind of sad with my very sore arm :c

And to make myself happy again I bought three packs of these. YES!




  1. Whose vlogs you like to watch the most ?

    1. I love watching The SacconeJolys, Hannah Maggs, Zoella and Niomi Smart mostly :)