Sunday, 8 June 2014

Vienna - 32°

Today it is so hot outside that it is hard to breathe! I was outside for about 40 mioutes and it is alright in the shadow, but when you go into the sun, you surely could get a proper tan!

I am still in the process of studying for my finals and I have no energy anymore, I am dying inside and I just want to cry. Really. I want to pass everything and have holidays and adventures. Please.

I finally managed to organise the paper mess somehow and as you can see, it is still too much to do. Every block of paper is one subject by the way, and one is even missing because it is in my bed!

Ok, is this normal? It is finally summer, but if we finally have reached this temperature, I want to lay in the sun all day long and just relax and not to sit at home and study all day long instead.

Here I am, very cute, very smiley :3

And here is also my outfit: New look dress, Fossil bag and some turqouise ballerinas from a local shop in Poland. And these shoes were not a good choice for today's weather I can tell!

And lucky enough, I found this in my fridge, it was so nice cold that I just ate/drank it in a minute!



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