Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My OOTD 29: Hot summer day

Hello dear friends!
Today I was outside already and I can tell you that the heat is insane! Just as yesterday! I will upload this post and throw myself on the balcony to maybe get a bit of a tan and to revise for my finals, which are already in 11 days!

As I haven't done a proper "OOTD" post I thought I will do one today, so let's start.

In the first picture you can see what my hair looked like in the morning when I was getting ready. I was sleeping with braids, yes. And in the right photo you can see my hair after 3 hours. The waves are nearly gone and my hair is looking quite straight already. I think it looked pretty and cute in the morning and I wish my hair was nicer so that I could have such waves more often! (Especially in summer!) And I wore a Primark dress that I bought in Cambridge, my much loved Fossil satchel and my sandals from Deichmann.

Here is also a picture from the morning.
I just braided the front sections a bit and pinned them together in the back so that my face was still visible with the waves all over.

Here you can see the shoes I wore. I never showed them before because it is the second day this year that I am wearing them. I bought them last year as I couldn't find nice sandals for me ANYWHERE, and these were the only ones that looked alright.

I painted my nails with the Barry M nail polish in 273 Raspberry 346 (not sure which one the number of the shade is!).

Have a nice day everyone! I am off to see my books.
PS: Happy 28th monthsary to Eryk and me! <3



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