Monday, 2 June 2014

Day update


Today I had three lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon and I just came home.
I need to study for English and Maths and I am so exhausted already that I don't even know how I will manage to do this, but I need to be strong and do as much as I can.
This means that I can't write a special topic entry today, so I will show you some pictures.

My eye make up was the usual one again: Oriflame eyecrayon, Alverde highlighter, Essence kajal pen, Rimmel mascara and Maybelline mascara.

It is so green again, I didn't really realise that the trees grew leaves again!

I showed this dress some times already but I never actually showed it fro the back, so this is the biig cut out there. I really like this dress because it is so simple and  then this one detail makes it so interesting again. It is perfect for summer days, but also for special occasions I think.

And my nail polish was the Essie-79 Sand Tropez. It was however, extremely difficult to apply it evenly because it got so sticky already that it just doesn't look too good anymore and I am a bit sad because I somehow liked this nude shade.




  1. your eye make up looks stunning and the back of that dress is stunning! good luck with your studying! id love it if youd comment back xx