Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Recent Hair Product Haul

So recently I was a bit too early for uni so I went to the drugstore to kill some time (which is always a bad idea) and I ended up leaving the shop with some new hair products.
And I thought I'd show them to you today. :)

I bought three different products, from three different brands and not all of them are so new to me to be honest.

The first product I found interesting is the Aussie Aussome Volume conditioner. It is suitable for fine, flat hair ( which I don't necessarily have, but I still wanted to try it out). It is supposed to push up your hair and make it look more voluminous and on some days I really feel like my hair is flat and heavy and doesn't look too fresh even though I just dried it.
For this reason I decided to try out this conditioner to get the effect I want to achieve. ( I only used it now but my hair is still in the towel so it's hard to tell yet, but I guess I will update you on it at some point!)
I'm not 100% sure about the smell, and I have the dry shampoo from this range too and there I do like the smell but the dry shampoo turned out to be a bit disappointing in general. I can't really describe this scent but since Aussie is available in so many places now, you can surely go and check yourself. :)

The second product is a tiny can of the Batiste Cherry dry shampoo. And this is a product I already had back in Scotland and I loved it. And when I saw it in my local drugstore I had to get it because they are so hard to find here in Vienna ( they do appear on the shelves already but they are usually sold out straight away). 
Another reason why I bought this dry shampoo is the tiny travel size of it. I thought that this will be so practical for my handbag. Sometimes I look at my hair in the morning and it looks alright and then throughout the day it just gets so flat and it doesn't look too fresh anymore and then I feel bad about it and I can't really do much about it. So, with this little bad boy I hope that my problem will be solved within seconds! :)

And the third thing I got is also a travel sized hair spray. My mum usually uses this brand but since I always wear my hair down I don't need hair spray. However, there are days when I just feel like putting my hair up or braiding it and then it would be so good to have some hair spray to keep it all in place. And for this reason I just picked up this little can to have at home just in case. You can never go wrong with such products I guess. I feel like it does make your hair sticky and you have to be careful when using it, but still, I'm glad I got it in the end.

So those were all my "new" hair products, I hope I will like them all and that I will maybe repurchase them in the future.

Did you try any of those products? Let me know! :)




  1. Aussie hair products are so great arent they! I'd love it if you'd comment back xx

    1. I haven't tried many yet but they are so tempting! :D

  2. I use Batiste products all the time and love them! Great post dear :)