Wednesday, 17 February 2016

KIKO Lipstick Haul

Hello everybody!
A few days back I went to town go get myself a certain lipstick from KIKO and there I decided to get a second one too, because why not?
So, I wore those lipsticks a few times already but didn't have a good occasion to take proper pictures of them and to write something here.

So, maybe you've already seen the Endless Love lipstick range- it is just SO cute! I couldn't decide what colour to choose, but I went for the dark pinky-purply shade that I think matches my complexion the best. The shade is called 05 Soft Marsala and what I absolutely love about this lipstick is that the heart already tells you exactly what the colour looks like. It's not only cute-looking but also practical.

But obviously the main reason why I got the lipstick from the Best Friends Forever collection is the shape of it! They are all heart shaped and it seemed to be just such a fun thing. I really wanted to have a lipstick like that and so I just got it straight away.
(You can also get amtching lip liners but I already have a very similar one at home, so I didn't feel like I really needed another one just now).
The lipstick comes in this silver shiny packaging that looks so glamourous, but the heart makes it just perfect- not too strict, and not too childish. 
I thought this could have been a cute Valentine's day present by the way.
I really like this colour because it is bold, but not shiny, it's pretty matte and that's what I think makes a really cool finish. What's important is that the lipstick doesn't dry out my lips, it keeps them moisturised and it stays on all day long! And it is so affordable too! If you have the chance- go and grab one before they're all gone!

Here's a little pouty-face selfie :D

And the second lipstick is the retractable smooth temptation lipstick in a dusty pink/ nude shade. It's called 05 Peony. Both the first and this colour are my favourites when it comes to lipstick. This one is just perfect for everyday wear because it isn't too different from my natural lip colour, but my lips just look much better with it on. The big problem I have is my scars that I get from my constant cold sores. My lips don't really have real edges anymore cause the pigment there kind of faded, so I like to wear those shades to kind of conceal the "blank spaces" but still making sure that my lips look as natural as possible.

Let me know what you think about those two lipsticks, cause at the moment they are my favourites! :)

PS: If you haven't seen the latest vlog, you can watch it here!



  1. Kiko are my fave! Wish they were more accessible! X

    What I eat in a day for toning up over on  // BLOGLOVIN

    1. They have such nice things!! I'm really happy that they have a few shops across Vienna!

  2. Kiko lipsticks look lovely! Xx