Tuesday, 29 November 2016

3 Tips For A Relaxing Evening

After many many weeks full of stress, exams and work, I can now take a little break because I'm done with my exams for now, but I still have one presentation next week and 2 written assignments to do until the 15th of December. However, the worst things are over and this is why tonight I could actually after a long time, sit down in cosy clothes, put up my feet and enjoy a good cup of tea and some amazing gingerbread. ( once again, because yes- I do love gingerbread!)

My tips for a relaxing evening are simple, yet they are really good if you need some time for yourself.

1) Make sure you are cosy, wrapped up in soft blankets and have a cosy spot on the sofa or bed to watch some series, videos or movies.

2) What is just as important is something delicious, warm to drink- tea, hot chocolate or even coffee if that makes you happy. And of course, some snacks. Snacks are important. I couldn't live without snacks to be honest. 

3) Light some fragranced candles, or burn some wax, which is maybe even better. Turn on fairy lights instead of those bright LED light bulbs ( which I have everywhere) .Create a warm, cosy atmosphere that will let you relax and tank some energy before a new, stressful day begins.

Let me know what you like doing after a stressful week! :)



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