Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A Walk Around Vienna

Hello everyone!
I am back with a new blog post after three weeks of not uploading anything. This is crazy and I feel so bad about it but work, uni and my 2 exam weeks really robbed all my free time this month. I am quite sad because since my vlogging camera broke, I thought I would blog more, but so far it didn't go as planned.

So far I had five exams and there are three more to go until the end of this semester. Today I had a day without any exams, so I really need to study, but we also decided to go and explore Vienna a little bit for a few hours, so that I can also just take a break from studying like crazy.

Recently I found out that there is a shop in Vienna that sells British food and I was like : OMG, I SO have to go there! And I thought today was a good day to drag Eryk to that shop. It is actually quite far from where I live and it was freezing so we nearly had a mental breakdown before arriving at the shop, but in the end we made it and we were really happy.
That shop  had so many things that I already forgot that they existed and I really enjoyed being in that shop because for a short moment you have the feeling of being in a British shop and I really missed it already.
After stocking up on some little things we went to an Asian restaurant and now we are back home all full and frozen, so I will be concentrating on studying now.

Here are some photos of our trip to town today :)

I am so excited that the shops sell tulips again ! This is my third bouquet this year already!

Hope you all had a good January so far :)
I can't wait for February to start because I will finally have a month off uni, we will be skiing for a week and I will have enough time to blog more often!



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