Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My Current Playlist

Today I wanted to share something different with you, something that is a big part of my life: Music.
I know that I've been singing from the time I could talk and back then, when I was little, Sarah Connor was my absolute favourite singer.
Later on I was singing in a choir for ages and now I do miss it quite a lot at times.
Since times have changed and I no longer listen to Sarah Connor, I wanted to share my current playlist with you and I hope you will enjoy this blog post.

I have quite a few playlists on my Youtube account, but there is a particular one I turn on every day. And I also have to say that I don't listen to all the songs daily, but I want to share the songs that are my favourites at the moment.

Let's start with my current favourite singer - Florence Welch. I think I started listening to her when I was 14 or maybe even younger, I know all the songs by heart and wish I had that dreamy voice too.
From her last album, The Odyssey, I especially like these two songs ( plus the fact that there is a Scottish guy talking obv.) Florence fascinates me every single time I hear her songs- she is truly a queen.

Next I thought I'd share my rock/metal kind of side with you. Nobody really expects that I do like that kind of music, so when I tell somebody, they are usually quite surprised.
The first song of this category will be Metro by System of a Down. Although I find most of their songs might be quite disturbing, this one really calms me down.

And another band of the rockier kind I really like is Bring me the Horizon. Now, I used to listen to their songs so often, but the song that really got me recently is this beautiful orchestra version of Doomed. It is such a beautiful piece, and keeping in mind that I used to sing in a choir, makes me love this song even more.

There is also a song by the band Livide that I found by accident and I can't really tell what genre it is. The video is seriously disturbing, which is why I advise you not to watch, just to listen. But the song is really great in my opinion. 

Now, to continue with some "happy" music I chose some Polish artists that are simply amazing.
For example, Mela Koteluk, which reminds me of Florence because of her original and creative, poetic lyrics and the special voice. I only listen to about three or four of her songs, but this one is currently my favourite.

A band I discovered some months ago is The Dumplings, which at first sounded very absurd to me, but it turned out to be such a good band. I instantly fell in love with their style, the poetic lyrics once again, and the funky music that is nothing I've ever heard before. 

Another Polish song is a blend/remix of a few rappers and I absolutely love it! 
Out of those four rappers I really like listening to Grubson and Malpa, and this remix is just so catchy and I could listen to it on repeat to be honest. When it comes to rap, I like quite a few Polish songs, however I am not into English, German or any other rap.

And to finish off I have three more songs that are more "party-suitable".
Starting off with the Netsky and Macklemore song, I have to say that I first heard it at work and I think the bass and tune are very calming and it just feels like such a good summer song. 

The next song is actually from a Polish artist,Gromee, which I didn't know at first, but once I found it out, I could really tell because these kind of songs are really popular there, and for some reason I really like them. I always imagine myself sitting in the car, on the way to Poland, going away on holidays, when I hear this song. It makes me happy, that's sure.

This song is also a recent discovery of mine, and it also makes me think of Poland, of holidays and sunny, happy days. It is by the band Hurts, which I usually never listen to, but this song is also so catchy and I think it's quite cool.

Let me know what your facourite songs/ music genres are! :)



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