Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tea Time And Sunshine

After my exam this morning I hurried back home to enjoy a hot cup of tea and some delicious Golden Syrup cake that we bought yesterday in Bobby's Foodstore. This place is a dream for all the people that miss the UK.
Today even the sun came out, so now I'm sitting on my sofa, all cosy and warm, enjoying some warm sunrays and of course, my favourite Earl Grey tea and a few slices of the golden syrup cake, that I used to buy nearly every day back in Edinburgh.

Later on I have to go back to uni one more time and then I'll be studying in the evening for tomorrow's exam.

my current favourite jumper is this grey, oversized one from H&M - I pretty much live in it and I am not even lying.
my jeans are from Bershka

Hope you're all having a nice day too! :)



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  1. I really miss your vlogs! Hope you gonna get back to those soon :) Is Eryk now staying with you in Vienna or did he jus come for a holiday ? Hope you guys are fine! :)