Monday, 2 November 2015

Hello November!

I can't believe that it is already November and that Christmas is pretty much just around the corner now.
Time flies so fast- one month of Uni is already over, and I should study so much for my upcoming exams, but I just somehow don't really manage to since I already feel a bit overwhelmed with all the lectures throughout the week. I feel like I have absolutely no time for myself...

Yesterday, on the 1st, we had a family walk around the cemetery and then we came to our house and had some food and lots of hot tea. I really enjoyed it, such a nice day off.

Today I got up pretty early and my dad and I went for a small shopping day out, so I got myself a few things and am considering a collective autumn haul video. Let me know id you'd be interested in one!

So now, already two days of November are over already and it just drives me crazy!
My Uni exams are in December and I don't even feel that I know anything at all yet. This makes me a bit worried and also stressed out.

My main goal for November is to finally start studying, which means that I need to organise my days/ weeks. I'll see how it goes.

Hope this month will be a good one, a positive one and that it won't go by as quickly as October did.




  1. Hope November will be a good month for you!
    xx Elle

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