Thursday, 19 November 2015

My OOTD: Fluffy Jumper And Cosy Coat

Hello everyone!
I am really sorry that I wasn't here for a while now, but uni somehow gets pretty stressful just now with all the upcoming exams. I try to study every spare minute because it is so much that I have to know that I'd like to cry and stay in bed all day long.

Today I'm again off to a lecture but I decided to show you my outfit before I go. I actually wanted to take photos outside but I'm alone and there's nobody who could help me. And after uni the light will already be too bad to get nice snaps. ( Although I have to say that the quality of those photos is pretty bad too)
I decided to wear my cosy coat today again, because it is cooling down again after all those pretty hot days. But I'm wearing Vans to not look too wintery.
creme cosy coat - Primark
fluffy pastel jumper - Only
high waisted jeans - Topshop
shoes - Vans
I got this jumper a few days ago and I'm in love! It's actually tight on the skin and you can really feel that it keeps you warm. And it is so soft and cosy too! I think this will be my favourite jumper this winter! ;)

Underneath the jumper I'm wearing a little black crop top from Primark that I actually love to bits. I usually wear it underneath jumpers since it's not too cold yet, but when we get to uni it's just so hot that you have to take everything off for a few minutes to cool down. So instead of wearing a normal top I wear a crop so I don't get too hot and sweaty actually.

I also love the jeans because they fit me perfectly and are also quite high waisted, which I like too. ( It does get a bit risky though once I've eaten too much!)
And also look at my hair! When it's all straight on my back it actually goes beneath my hip bones already and this is just crazy! I only had it cut back in Summer and I already should go to the hairdresser's again.

And the bag I use for uni is just my FOSSIL leopard tote because it's the biggest bag I have, so it's just very convenient.

And a last selfie of my face to show you my make-up: I'm wearing some decent eyeliner and nothing on my lips so far. I'll be only applying some lipgloss and that will be me done for uni!

Hope you enjoyed this outfit!
Also make sure to check out the previous vlog before tomorrow's will be live!

Have a nice day! :)



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  1. Such a lovely cosy outfit

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