Friday, 27 November 2015

My November Favourites

November is already coming to an end, which means that Christmas time is pretty much an official thing now, even though it doesn't feel like it's nearly December already.
I am a bit nervous and not too excited for the time before Christmas actually since I'll have my uni exams and I am still not prepared and so stressed out. That's also the reason why I don't get to blog too much recently- I just have so much to study all day long!

But today is a good day to share my November Beauty Favourites with you.
( It looks like I'm actually ill because of some suspicious symptoms but I will find out more later in the afternoon when I go to the GP, which means that I don't go to uni today I think, and that's why I have time to write this entry)

I've used the products below pretty much daily over the last weeks of November and most of them aren't new, but I had a little break from them and kind of "rediscovered" the this month.
I've had the Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzer for ages now and I had a short break from it and was using a different bronzer at that time, but now I am back to this one and I have to say that it really is a great product to have in your make-up stash!
First of all, it has a reasonable price if you think about all the years you're gonna be using this bronzer. It is pretty much impossible to use it up in like 5 years I think.
It is very well pigmented with tiny bits of sparkle for a bit of a highlight. It smells like chocolate - which obviously is another big plus, and you can get the bronzer in a couple of different shades, so it's suitable for several types of skin.

Then I also came back to my well beloved Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade 1 ( that I bought three of when leaving the UK). Since I had a pretty tan over summer I couldn't use this concealer because it was too light, but now I use it again and it looks fine, which I'm really happy about. I do have pretty dark undereye circles and this seems to be the best solution I've found so far. Especially for the price of around £4! I'd say they usually last me for one to two months but I've been using this concealer for a year and a half now and I have to say that I love it!

Next I have included my Original Source Vanilla&Raspberry shower gel, that again I've been using over a year ago back in Scotland and now got it again and I feel so sentimental about it because the smell just reminds me of my life in the UK. I also filmed a video about Original Source recently, so you can head over to my YT channel to watch it for my opinion about this shower gel! :)

What is nothing new is also the Golden Rose matte lipstick in the shade 12. I've had it for over two years now if I'm not wrong and I love it so much. It is a dusty pink shade that is pretty similar to my actual lip colour, which makes it look pretty natural on me. That's why I can wear this lipstick all around the year without being worried that the colour wouldn't be suitable for a specific season.
Since it's matte, it stays on for a long time without really fading ( I usually wear it all day long) and it doesn't make my lips dry either, which is great. It stays where you put it on and this is important!
Again, this was such a bargain that I regret not buying more of those.

The Wibo lip liner is something I bought last summer and figured out it would match the Golden Rose lipstick well. And I love wearing them together because my lips look so much nicer than without the lipliner and the lipliner doesn't look darker/lighter next to the lipstick. This is a great combo and the lipliner was a bargain too, so I decided to take all my lipsticks to the drugstore once I'm back in Poland and just find a matching lipliner for all my lipsticks. 

And I have two new products this month which are worth mentioning!
The first one is the Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry lipgloss. I'm sure you can get those from Urban Outfitters and online if you're interested. What I have to say about the lipgloss; The smell is INSANE! The sweet smell of cherry automatically makes me happier and it reminds me of a Polish drink calles Tymbark, which you can buy in the cherry flavour and it's just such a Polish thing to me that I really love.
The lipgloss is totally transluscent so it only leaves your lips glossy adding no colour to them, so it's great for just every day make-up, or on top of a lipstick etc.
I also like the applicator, because you only have to squeeze out a little bit of the gloss and spread it on your lips and you're ready to go!

And the last product for today is my new mascara ( it's pretty unusual for me to buy a new mascara because I usually stick to my Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex one). I got this mascara because I've seen so, so many positive reviews about it everywhere on the internet. I had the Benefit Rollerlash mascara before and I absolutely loved it but since it's rather expensive, I didn't repurchase it yet.
Now after that Benefit boom, this Maybelline Sensational mascara came out and people were actually saying this was a dupe for the Rollerlash ( just half its price).
This has been going on for months now and I finally decided to try it out myself. I got the mascara in a set with a golden one too for not even 10 Euro a few weeks back.
I have to say that the brush looks kind of exactly like the Roller lash one and the consistency is also more liquid than thick. So I was very curious about the effect.
Now, my opinion is that this mascara does make my lashes look longer but it often happens that they only get really thick and clumpy but they stay short and then I get really angry because I don't remember this happening with the Rollerlash. But still, if you apply the mascara carefully, using not too much of it and adding a second coat, the lashes look really good. Even though I have the impression that the Rollerlash was actually a bit better.
But for that price it is surely a good buy!

That's all for today and I hope you enjoy those products as much as I do! Also, let me know what products are your favourites at the moment, I'd be happy to hear!

Now I'm off to eat something and start editing the vlog before I go to the GP later on.
Have a nice weekend everyone!



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