Monday, 23 November 2015

Original Source Shower Gel Review + Video!

Hello everybody!
Today I'm back with something rather cool because I'm gonna write a little bit about Original Source's shower gel ( and I am maybe a little obsessed with shower gel...). I also filmed a video over on my YT channel that you should definitely watch, where you can find out more about those goodies!

A few weeks ago I got 7 different shower gels and I am in love with most of them already.
The most important thing about Original Source products is that their products are all vegan, made in the UK AND not tested on animals!! Still, they are very affordable and in the UK they are available in every grocery store! ( Pretty much what I miss a lot about living in Edinburgh).

My favourite is definitely the Vanilla Raspberry one, which I was already writing about, a long time ago here, I also mentioned that situation in the video if you're curious why this one is my favourite. ;)

I totally recommend this brand because of its great natural scents. I'm sure there's a thing for everyone!




  1. I love their mint one. I love how scented they are. Definitely one of my favourite shower gels

    Lauren x |

    1. Yeah, they are all very intense, especially the mint one! :D

  2. I've never tried these before but I see them everywhere. I love the packaging.


    1. They look really cool,but the smell is just amazing!