Wednesday, 3 August 2016

July Beauty Favourites

I was sitting on my sofa, sipping my tea and I realised that I didn't write about any "Favourites" in months, so I decided to quickly grab my camera and do that now because this month I have some new exciting things to show you that I absolutely loved using throughout the whole month.

I collected favourites from make-up, skin care, as well as hair care, so let's get straight into it.

Starting off with hair, I picked one special product that I finally wanted to review. In December I received a little parcel from Goldwell with a shampoo and a hair mask that suit my hair perfectly. I was using the shampoo straight away and I absolutely loved it. However, due to all the uni stress and the terrible lack of time for myself, I never got to try out the mask until May or June I would say. And since I went swimming and tanning a lot throughout July, I decided to use the mask once a week to keep my hair silky smooth and healthy. And OMG, I am so in love with it! The mask contains keratin and liquid silk, which pretty much already explains why the hair looks amazing after this treatment.
My hair has a rather rough structure, so it never is too smooth and it tends to be frizzy, but after using this mask, it is just so smooth and silky that I can't stop touching it. It's a professional salon product so I'm not sure whether you can buy it in any drugstore, but I know some shops that sell hair products, so I guess this is where you can get this from.

Next on: skin care!
These three products are real live savers in summer.
We all know that when it's so hot you just want to spend the days by the pool or seaside but unfortunately you also want to have nicely shaved legs at any time to do so. Well, the shaving gel from Balea is totally worth trying! I never used shaving gels before because I felt like using a bit of shower gel or conditioner was just as good, but oh boy was I wrong. I once saw the shaving gel in the DM drugstore and it's so small that I thought it would be nice to take away on holidays and I just grabbed it very spontaneously. And since that day I've been using it every time I am shaving. You just squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your skin, spread it around and then you are ready to shave, which now takes only a minute and after the whole procedure you are left with beautiful looking shaved skin, without any irritations or redness- amazing!

After tanning, showering and shaving I am using my Ziaja cocoa butter body lotion, which smells like heaven and the best thing about it is that it soaks in so quickly, your skin is so moisturised that you still feel like you've just put on the lotion the day after and because of its huge bottle it will last you so many months! I already shared my opinion about Ziaja's body lotions on my blog before and I suggest you go over to this post to read some more about them! :)

And a recent discovery, and also a new product on the market is the cooling mist from Ziaja that I got in Poland. There are two different ones available- one is I think one without any scent, and the one I bought smells of menthol and lemon pretty much. You can use these on your face, body as well as your hair, which makes it even better! I love having this in my bag on hot summer days to cool down and to add some fresh smell to your body. I absolutely love body mists in summer because they are so light weight and are a great alternative to perfume. Plus, they are obviously much, much cheaper ;)

 And now over to the last three things - Make-up!
I love Golden Rose lip products ( and nail polish). Everytime I stand by their counter I am so stressed because I can never decide on what to buy. By now I got three of their Velvet Matte lipsticks and I also have a few bottles of nail polish.
Two of my favourites of July are the lipstick and the matching lip liner in probably my favourite lip colour. The lipstick is Nr 14 ( I also have Nr 12, which is very similar but a bit lighter) and it is a dark dusty pink kind of shade. I love all the similar dust pink shades when it comes to clothing, homes etc. I also feel like this shade matches my complexion the best. It is pretty natural, similar to my natural lip colour, so I love wearing this on a daily basis without feeling that I'm wearing too much make-up. It's definitely my go-to- lipstick. Since it's a matte lipstick, it stays on for so many hours, even when I eat and drink- it is just amazing! Plus, again this is such an affordable piece that you can't go wrong with it!

Unfortunately, I get cold sores very often- sometimes once a month and it annoys me so, so much because they obviously leave behind scars, the pigmentation of the edges of my lips got very bad, so that I have "pink lip parts" missing and they are just white, so it is pretty hard to put on lipstick, without leaving out those white bits. For that reason I decided to get a lip liner that will match most of my lipsticks and to use it and I have to say that it actually helps so much! I never overdraw my lips, I don't want to make them look bigger, just more defined. And it works great! The lipliner from Golden Rose is shade 53 and it is apparently waterproof ( it really stays on for a long time).
It is retractable, which makes it all even better!

And the last product in my July Favourites is the Collossal Go Extreme! Volum' Express Leather Black mascara from Maybelline. ( I hate such long names of make-up products.) I also already wrote about it here when I first got it.
I've been using it all the time since buying it and it makes my lashes so long and it dosn't clump them together, but still gives them enough volume. I was actually impressed because it definitely gives the same effect an expensive mascara would give you, so how amazing is that evenn?

Anyways, I don't want to make this post too long! I hope you got some good reviews and hopefully I helped you with some decisions ;)

Have a nice day everyone!
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