Saturday, 20 August 2016

My OOTD: Day At The Military Museum

Today I had a day off again and it's a beautiful, sunny, hot summer day that I really didn't want to spend at home. A few days ago I was looking for places to explore since Eryk is in Vienna finally again, and I found this Military Museum, and because Eryk is very much into such things I thought we would go and have some fun.
As I mentioned above, it was really hot and the way to this museum was so long and tiring that I thought we wouldn't even make it there. But we arrived eventually and started exploring all the exhibitions, which were very interesting. I felt like we looked through everything quickly, without making too long stops, but then again I'm not sure if me maybe missed something- but according to the plan we saw it all.

After the visit to the museum we were so hungry that we went for some Chinese noodles that were just so delicious! With full bellies we quickly went to H&M and then off home we went.

So, to finish off this quick post, here's what I wore- one of my go-to-outfits for days when I really don't know what to wear.
-floral off-the-shoulder top - H&M
-button-up A-line skirt - Forever21 ( I wear it to work constantly! It somehow goes with any top, any day, any occasion :D )

-red leather satchel - Vigneron
-sunglasses - Love Moschino

-cream sandals - Forever21 ( They look cool, are very simple so they go with most outfits and they are comfy too- what else do you need?)

Behind me you can see the beautiful museum in the 3rd district in Vienna. I actually have to say that I've never seen this place before and I was rather fascinated.

And of course, here's me and Eryk posing like tourists :D
His t-shirt is from Forever21, shorts are H&M and shoes are Nike, in case someone would like to know.

And also, my lipstick is Nr 12 from the Velvet Matte range by Golden Rose- my favourite one!

I've heard that the weather tomorrow is supposed to be worse than today so we'll see what we will be doing, but for now it's relax time!
Have a nice weekend everyone! :)




  1. Such a beautiful look my dear! That top is the cutest ever :))
    You look gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you so much! I love that top a lot! 😍