Sunday, 14 August 2016

New Closet Staple - Denim Shorts

Hello everybody!
After a rather long break of not posting at all, due to too many work days, I'm now back with a post I decided to do spontaneously.
On Tuesday, which was rainy and grey, like most of the week was, I made my way to TkMaxx, which unfortunately is pretty far from where I live. I still decided to use that day instead of just sit at home and watch some series on repeat.
And I'm so glad I went! I haven't bought a lot, but just a few things that I actually like a lot - just like these denim shorts.

You will know by now that I am very much the skirt/ dress- person and I don't really like wearing tight shorts that make your thighs want to explode the second you sit down. I love skirts for being so comfy, so recently I even threw out all my old denim shorts I had in my closet, because I thought it was useless keeping them if I don't even wear them more than once a year. I mean, some of them were just sitting on the shelf without being worn in like 3 years.

So, when I first saw these ragged, denim shorts with the cute white flowers around the legholes and the front pockets I thought: Ok, this might even be an option. I decided to try them on and I instantly fell in love with them!
They fit me perfectly, even though they could be a teeny bit more high waisted than they are, but I thought they would still look nice with a cute blouse or a plain crop top. So, off I went to the cashier and now I own denim shorts again- but this time I really like them!

They are pretty light, with this washed-out look, they have some cuts underneath the front pockets, and as I mentioned before, the cute flowers. The back of them is very plain, with two pockets too, which I'm happy about. What I only realised when I first wore them out is that they are shorter than I initially thought- they just cover my bum cheeks really when I walk.
Now, they are kind of cute and kind of sexy at the same time.

To finish off my outfit on this hot day today ( we didn't experience any heat in over a week in Vienna, and I already panicked that summer was over), I chose this baby blue sleeveless crop top that I recently got from Primark. ( I'm so sad this was the only colour I've seen because I love this top so much!)
I love how the blue looks on a tan and it just matches the shorts so well I think. It's a simple yet cool outfit.

I'm sure I will wear these shorts a lot until summer ends, and hopefully next year they will be just as nice as they are now! :)

What do you think about them?? Let me know! :)

PS: Now I'm gonna start editing my vlog because in the evening Eryk and Maya are arriving in Vienna and I just can't wait!!



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