Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Avène Product Review

Hello guys!
This is my first beauty post of 2016, and I have to admit that I was trying to upload it already a long time ago, but just didn't manage to do it until now.
I got a few products from Avène, which I was very excited about!
The thermal water is actually a product I've been using during summer already when it was just way too hot to stay relaxed by the pool. I feel like this is such a summery beauty product, which is the reason why I didn't even use it yet, but since I already know it I can say that I really like using it on hot days, when the sun is just burning down on you and your face literally feels like burning and you pretty much regret being out in the sun. It is made for sensitive skin; the delicate mist cools you down and your skin feels less irritated straight away. It also doesn't have a smell and it soaks into your skin quickly, it is of course not greasy or anything, which is amazing! 
And just because I like using it especially during summer, it doesn't mean that the thermal water can't be used on a daily basis! :)
Next, I tried the Couvrance mascara, which has a hooked wand, just like the Benefit Rollerlash or the Maybelline Lash Sensational. The only difference between those products is that the Avène mascara is great for everyday. It covers your lashes quickly and makes them longer. It doesn't leave clumps behind and your lashes are perfectly separated. To me, it is great for my lower lashes and for days when I'm not too keen on wearing heavy make-up. It will be perfect for those girls who already have incredibly long lashes and just want a darker, defined look.
Another product here is the mini hydrating serum, which is great for travelling, and cold weather.
The recent winter weeks left my face dry and itchy, causing my make-up to not look that good. For this reason I used the serum now and then to give my skin moisture that it needed. It surely helped achieving a better condition.
The last product is a moisturing mask that I haven't used yet, but again I got a sample sized one, which is very useful for trips and travelling, especially in winter, when the cold temperatures dry out your face. I feel like the mask and serum could be a great combo, assuring your skin to get well very quickly!

Have you tried any of those products yet? If yes, let me know about your experience!



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  1. I love the sound of the thermal water, I must try it!

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com