Friday, 8 January 2016

Christmas Perfume Haul

After being ill and laying in bed over the last few days, I finally feel good enough to blog again!
I was considering filming a What I Got For Christmas video, but somehow I got ( and bought) pretty much because of a certain reason and I decided not to do it. Instead I wanted to show you some bits of my gifts, like perfume.
Now, one was gifted to me, and with the money I received, I bought two other ones. ( Oops!)

As you can guess, they are not the cheapest choices, but I thought that if I have three perfumes at once, it will take me a long time until I need to stock up again, right?

From my dad I got the Moschino Chic Petals perfume from their Cheap&Chic range, and you may have already guessed that recently I've been a bit obsessed with Moschino, so once I saw this in a drugstore I fell in love and knew this was going to be my next perfume. So I got it for Christmas and am so happy!
First, there is this super cute floral print at the top and this little creature's head, that I really like.
The smell is pretty sweet and fresh, but more adult like than childish ( obviously). It is more of a sophisticated smell- it's quite difficult to tell what it smells like actually.
The official smell description is this one:" fruity juices of pomegranate and wild strawberry, combined with red ginger, red orchid petals, gardenia and water lily with a sensual trail of musk, hinoki wood and Italian iris."
Simply beautiful.

Next we have Daisy Sorbet by Marc Jacobs, which again is a rather sweet, floral scent. ( Those are my fave!)
Of course, again, my first impression of the bottle design was like WOW, so beautiful! I like those silicone flowers on the cap and the shape of the bottle itself, which has kind of the shape of an 8.
Apparently this is a scent of 2015 and also limited edition, which doesn't make me happy at all.
The description of the smell is something like this:" The fragrance opens with notes of pink grapefruit, pear and passion fruit. The heart includes flowers of wisteria, jasmine and lily of the valley, followed by the base violet wood, cedar and musk."
At first it seems pretty intense and heavy, but after a while it is such a delicate, light smell, perfect for spring and summer!

And the third perfume I got is by Victoria's Secret. Well, it's a body mist, but since it has the same use as perfume, let's just qualify it as such.
I have to say that I've been trying out all of the mists over the last months and was never really convinced because they are very intense and most of them have a scent that I call " fake watermelon" or also dragonfruit. When you get body lotions or something similar and it is called watermelon or dragonfruit, it makes me feel sick immediately. This is also related to some sweets actually, so even though I love real watermelon, everything that is "fake", is terrible for me. ( if this makes sense to you)
Now, after trying out all the body mists in stock, I think I've found one that I actually pretty like - Love spell.
Its smell is described as cherry blossom and peach, with aloe vera and chamomille.
And even though this may sound like a delicate composition, the body mist is so intense that one spritz is enough to smell it all day long. Again, this is perfect for hot days, when perfume may feel too much!

Have you tried any of those three beauties? If yes, let me know!




  1. Great perfume choices.

  2. I love love the Daisy perfume, smells amazing

    Lauren x |