Sunday, 24 January 2016

Vlog Day!

Hello everyone!
It's already Sunday evening and I only managed to find some time now to edit the vlog and write down a short summary of the week.
We've had a very busy day, so I am sorry for not uploading anything earlier!

So, it was my mum's Birthday on Tuesday, so it was a nice beginning of the week to all of us. We spoilt her a little bit with a nice flower bouquet, fancy gifts and a cool cake that I baked and I also uploaded a recipe for it here! I went to town on Monday to get the gifts so that's why I didn't film anything to town - I was trying to focus on what I actually had to get done!
Apart from that it was snowing nearly all week long, which kind of looked nice ( when I could stay at home) but it drove me crazy when I had to get out into the cold.
On Friday I had a practice day at work ( since I left my previous job and was looking for a new one) and it looks like I'm gonna be working in February again. 
In the evening my mum had some friends over and we were celebrating her birthday, and I again didn't film because it was just a family thing really and some people are not too keen on being on the Internet. ;)
Today we were very busy because we are working on a very big project and I think I will announce it in the next vlog, so make sure to check it out because it's gonna be exciting!

Hope you all had a nice week and I wish you a good start into the new week!

Once the vlog is uploaded I will link it here so you can go and watch it! :)

Here's me standing on a hill today with snowy Vienna behind my back. It was actually pretty warm today compared to the last two, three days, so the snow will be gone very soon I think.




  1. can you do exams advice blog post ?

    1. I am a person that avoids studying as much as pssible, and since I am now at uni and learning about things I am interested in, I don't need to study THAT much either, but I will make sure I write a post about that! :)

  2. how many hours of sleep do you get and do you take naps( if so,for how long) ?

    1. I usually sleep for 8 to 9 hours, and sometimes I do take a nap but only for 20 minutes, cause this is just enough to give me power for the rest of the day :)

    2. how do you manage to fall asleep so fast ?

    3. I only lay there most of the time,I sleep for 5 minutes to be honest, but it helped me during exam periods especially!!