Saturday, 16 January 2016

Why I like Smoothies

With the beginning of the year I decided it was time to start eating healthier again, and try to work out a bit. And of course it didn't work out well so far because of studying and other things that are going on in my life now. I spend most of the time sitting in bed revising and eating snacks rather than proper meals. I also have the feeling that I don't like anything I used to eat.
So thanks to my parents I got a Nutribullet for Christmas.
For the past few days I've been mixing up smoothies and milkshakes and trying to drink them rather than going for a bag of crisps. I love fruits and therefore this is a great option for me!

The Nutribullet comes with a book of healthy recipes for the so-called Nutriblasts. I haven't tried out any of those yet because I don't trust the idea of mixing vegetables and fruits together. I will however, try them out soon for sure!

So what I like to do is this combination:
-frozen strawberries
-dried cranberries
-Alpro rice& coconut
-Chia seeds
-maple syrup

There are no strict proportions, I just use the ingredients the way I want the smoothies to taste like. I usually put more bananas and strawberries inside.

I throw everything into the Nutribullet and in literally 10 seconds the smoothie is all done and ready to drink!

I absolutely love this device! It is also so easy to clean, which is great because the whole process of making a smoothie and cleaning up afterwards takes only a few minutes! There's always a spare minute for that!

Have you tried the Nutribullet as well? Do you like smoothies? I'm obsessed with them!




  1. I have one but haven't used it for about 6 months, you have made me want to get it out again as I really need more fruit in my life

    Lauren x |

    1. :D it's such a good way to eat lots of healthy stuff :D

  2. Smoothies are amazing! Great post :)