Tuesday, 13 December 2016

All The Stress Before Christmas

It's such a shame that the time before Christmas always seems to be so, so stressful. And therefore the days go by so quickly that you still don't get to do everything you are supposed to do.
For example, I had loads of assingments to do that are due in two days and I'm working every day that I'm not spending at uni. I still have some uni work to do, I didn't get all the Christmas shopping done yet and due to all the busy days I didn't even have the chance yet to go to a Christmas market, I didn't decorate my flat at all and it doesn't feel very festive yet I think.
I will still be busy right up to Christmas, but I hope that I will ecentually get into that Christmas spirit too!

A few days ago I was thinking of blogging over the last five to six days before Christmas because seeing everyone do Vlogmas, I am kind of sad that I don't even manage to post twice a week anymore, yet alone vlog every day.
Hopefully my 5 days of "blogmas" will be chilled out and full of that festive feeling. :)

So stay tuned, because on Sunday we start! Also if you have an idea of what I could blog about, feel free to let me know in the comments! :) 



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