Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas Baking

Every year around the second week of December, my mum and I start baking all the Christmas biscuits, and since we always bring them to Poland for Christmas, we actually have to prepare a lot of them.
I am pretty sure in Poland you usually only bake gingerbread biscuits and decorate them, whereas in Austria, you get a huge selection of delicious biscuits. There is a great choice for everyone!
My mum and I always bake the famous "Vanillekipferl" and "Linzeraugen", which are filled with apricot jam, or sometimes with a different kind too. These are actually my favourite ones, and I think that most of the younger people in my family prefer those, while the "older" ones like the Vanillekipferl best.
Of course you can buy ready baked and decorated Christmas biscuits in every shop at this time of the year, but to me baking them is also a very important part of the Christmas tradition.
I love it when you sit in the kitchen on a gloomy, snowy ( or rainy day like today) and all you do is bake biscuits all day long. The delicious smell of vanilla and cinnamon fills the house and that very moment really feels like Christmas is close.

I was looking back on what I did exactly two years ago, and at that time I was in Scotland, I didn't have my mum around, I had to do everything on my own, the shopping, the laundry, cooking, paper work, and when Christmas was close, I also had to bake all on my own. I remember the gingerbread men I was baking, with a nice candle on the counter top, some nice music and the smell of oranges and cloves filled the air. You can go and check it out here. It was a different kind of Christmas time for me because all I had was Eryk and Maya really, but on Christmas eve and the following festive days I was reunited with my family and I think being with your loved ones on Christmas is the most important thing. And of course, my mum baked the delicious biscuits again, which this time tasted even better to me.

Even though we were now baking for a few hours, and a few days ago too, shortly before Christmas we will also bake a few cakes, and then again I will enjoy the baking time with my mum. 

Are you baking Christmas biscuits too? If yes, let me know which ones you like best!



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