Tuesday, 20 December 2016

What I Like About Christmas

I seriously can't believe that Christmas Eve is already in three days! Due to work and uni, the time went by so quickly that I didn't even realise that the year is coming to an end, and therefore, Christmas is just around the corner too.

I am usually the person, who will always choose summer over winter, but then again, I really love Christmas. I love Christmas because of the way we celebrate it in Poland, I think it's quite special and magical.

Every year we go to Poland, to spend the Christmas holidays with my whole family, and also this year we're going, except that we only have three days off this time. Still, I'm sure we will enjoy it and have a great time.

There are so many things I like about Christmas....

I do hate the cold for sure, but running back home to get a hot cup of delicious Earl Grey tea with that zingy lemon taste in it is priceless to me. Like I said once: tea is life. In summer you can't drink too much hot tea, so the cold season is actually made for tea I guess.

Snow on Christmas Eve became a distant memory by now, because over the last few years we never had any snow in Poland during Christmas and we secretly always hope for it because it would make it even more special and beautiful. And yes, I usually also do hate snow ( because, like yesterday, when it was snowing here in Vienna, it was freezing cold, the snow was coming from every possible direction and it really was no fun to me), but on those few days when I can stay at home in the cosy, christmassy atmosphere, I really do find it acceptable and adequate I'd say. For some reason, the seasons have shifted a lot and now every time we spend Easter in Poland, it's snowing every year, but never on Christmas.

Shopping gifts and wrapping them all up is quite a difficult task when you have a rather big family, but it is somehow quite fun to me, if  I obviously plan everything in advance, and don't struggle with time, like I did this year. I still managed to get all gifts and I hope everyone will like them, and I am also really excited for my gifts already, because I always have an idea of what I might get, but I never know everything.
I like wrapping up gifts with a nice cup of tea and good music, a cosy outfit and just a whole, lazy day. I feel like then you really get to feel that Christmas is SO soon!

The streets during Christmas time are always so busy here in Vienna because of all the amazing Christmas markets and tourists, but when we go to Poland, to the countrysite, it's just so quiet and peaceful. I love it when it's really quiet outside in the evening when we all "wait" for Santa and the kids get all excited and we go out in the freezing cold to "look" for Santa and the streets are so quiet, with nobody around- I think it is so relaxing and it adds some magic to Christmas too.

And of course- the food. I always plan on loosing one or two kilograms before Christmas so that by the time it's Christmas and we get all the delicious food, I can actually eat it all without gaining too much weight, but I am never that successful and then towards the end of the festive season I feel like I'm about to explode and my stomach will surely die. We always have loads to eat and everybody eats until they can't anymore and then all of us lay on my aunt's huge sofa and we just watch movies and talk and relax until we go back to eating again. Does that not sound great?

What do you like about Christmas???



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