Wednesday, 21 December 2016

My Winter Skincare (Ziaja, Kiehl's, Treacle Moon, Le Petit Marseillais)

Today I decided it was time again for a more beauty related post, so I thought talking about winter skincare might be interesting to some of you.
First, I have to say that I am a VERY lazy person when it comes to using skincare regularly, and what is also important is that due to my Psoriasis, my skin gets really dry over a few weeks every winter and summer. This gets really annoying because when I take off my jeans at the end of the day, they will be covered with white, dead skin cells on the inside. This is exactly what happens when you have Psoriasis, your skin regenerates much, much faster than it should and as a result your skin always seems dry and needs proper skincare to stay smooth and silky.
Of course, you should also keep your skin moistured even if you don't have any skin issues!

I picked a product for showering, moisturising my body, hands and face, so let's check out the products!

The first product I wanted to quickly talk about is a shower gel from Le Petit Marseillais and I always get this brand from Poland from the German drugstore Rossmann, which means that probably you can also get it in Germany, though not in Austria. I don't think UK has them either.
Le Petit Marseillais has a few scent ranges and I already spoke about it a few times on my blog because I just really love their shower gels. I always get the regular ones that come in that boxy shaped bottle, but last time when I was in Poland I went for this slightly fancier shower gel that contains hazelnut oil and royal jelly. Now, you will probably know that royal jelly is really good for your skin, so I just had to try it out. It is also not really a shower gel, but more of a shower oil, though it does not have a greasy consistency or anything. However, you can tell it hydrates your skin better and a little goes a long way. I am not too keen on the smell, because when it comes to skincare I always have to see if I like the smell. I am not saying this shower oil smells bad, but to me it just has more of a standard creamy-like scent that is not overly special. Still, it is a great product that is really affordable.

After taking a shower I do force myself to moisturise as often as possible, but I really hate waiting for creams to soak in. Now, a few days ago I received this body lotion from Ziaja that comes in a spray and this is pretty much life changing. The application is so easy, the lotion is really light weight and it soaks into your skin within seconds, so that you can get dressed immediately after applying it. It has a delicate, refreshing cucumber and mint scent and is suitable for all skin types. 
Read more about this skincare range HERE!

Face moisturisers are always so annoying to me and I hardly ever use them, but now that my skin is literally flaking off I just have to moisture every morning and night. In the mornings I usually use this ultra fracial cream by Kiehl's, which has a very light weight consistency too, so you really need just a tiny amount of it to hydrate your whole face. After a few seconds you can start applying your make-up and your skin will just feel much more relaxed and it will also look much better. 
I really like the design of this product because it is very simple and it also looks really fancy, but I don't like the smell at all. I remember a lipbalm from Blistex that I bought years ago and it said it had no scent but in reality it had this exact smell and I think that it smells of chestnuts?! I don't even know if this is what chestnuts smell but for years I always had this impression and I really can't stand this smell. This is also why I only use this cream before putting on my make-up and never before bed time, because then I'd have to smell it until I fall asleep. It is very good though, just the smell doesn't impress me.

And also very important: hand cream. Again, I have never been the person that would use hand creams, but over the last few years, since I started working, I realised how dry my hands are and that they feel really rough. Very often the skin on my knuckles cracks open and then it hurts quite a lot. Also, due to the ice cold temperatures that we have now, my hands are a nightmare. For this reason I always keep this tiny hand cream from treaclemoon in my handbag and try to use it on my breaks and whenever I feel like I really have terribly dry hands already.
The hand cream smells of coconut but it also comes in three different scents and I just couldn't decide. And for some reason I now feel like the three other scents are much better than this one because they are fruity and fresh, whereas this one is quite a heavy one, that I don't always like. Still, it's not too bad and it has a cool monochrome look. I totally need to get a new one after using up this cream because they are just so practical! The cream comes in a 75ml container and it really fits into every handbag or beauty bag.

Those are my life savers at the moment, when the days are grey and ice cold. Do you have any good skincare products? Leave your suggestions in the comments!



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