Monday, 27 July 2015

A Day In Wrocław

Yesterday I went to Wrocław with my family, for a nice day out. I have to say that it was really chilly and we were hoping for more sunshine, but it only came when we were already going back home.
First of all we went for a boat trip from the city centre to the zoo, where we spent some hours exploring and watching most of the animals. We didn't see everything because the zoo is pretty chaotic in my opinion, it was very busy and we were hungry.
After the zoo we took the boat back to the city centre, went for a stroll around the cute streets and beautiful cathedrals, then we headed back to our car and went to the closest shopping centre to eat.
I had some chinese noodles that were actually pretty tasty and by the time we finished eating, it was already late and we headed back home.

Here are some pictures :)



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