Monday, 13 July 2015

First Weeks Of Summer 2015

First of all I wanted to say that I am really sorry for not posting anything at all, and also for not uploading vlogs, but since we're on holidays, we don't have proper internet access.
We are currently by the seaside in Poland and we've been here for a week now. I have to say that at first we had beautiful weather and I got a tan quickly, but then the weather changed completely and there's nothing but clouds to see.
I thought that I would share some pictures because I don't really want to write about everything we've done. I prefer watching pictures and I think it is way nicer for you too.

-Kusy Dwór-

My brother turned 6 already and I still can't believe it!

My cousins Oliwia and Natalia and my brother and me on the beach ;)

Tanning on a boat is one of the best things in summer!

My sun allergy giving me weird wrinkles again but at least we have a selfie together once again.

-Drahim Castle, Stare Drawsko-

Me being a tourist for the second time there and still loving it!


Such a cool place to eat at!

I have definitely gained some weight here and I'm not too sure if this is good.

We went to the sea but all we saw was a bad storm and we stayed in the car :( -Kołobrzeg-


Me and my baby enjoying our holidays together :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and that you will forgive me the lack of vlogs that I will upload in some days when I'm back home! :)



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