Friday, 3 July 2015

I Made It!

After some really stressful weeks, full of disappointment and sadness, I finally got a place at Uni!
Things didn't really go like we planned them, and it is really sad, but on the other hand, it could always be worse, really.

I had my flight back to Vienna two days ago and the journey was lovely, without any problems and I was home in the evening. When I got off the plane I finally could feel again what "heat" feels like. I loved it.

Yesterday I picked up my mum from work and we made our way to university as I had to register as a student. We thought we'd be waiting there for hours, but in the end we got called in after an hour and half I think - which wasn't too bad. The only problem was that it was so hot that we were sweating and it was difficult to stand. But we made it. After 5 minutes of signing papers, I got my student ID and now I am officially a student of Uni Wien. Well, this seemed so easy after trying for two years in Edinburgh without success.

I am so happy that this worked out but I know I will miss being in Edinburgh, with Eryk and Maya. Hopefully all that will sort out soon.

Today I got up, had some breakfast on the balcony, went to the shop and now I'm tanning and writing this blog post simultaneously.

I have already nearly packed my suitcase again because today in the evening I'll be leaving and heading to Poland, which means that summer can really start now! I am not sure what our plans are for the next month, but I hope we will make the most of it, and just enjoy it.

Hope you all have nice summer holidays and that you will also relax before going back to school, uni or work!




  1. I'm glad you got into Uni! Congratulations :) Enjoy your summer holidays and I hope everything with Eryk and Maya will sort out quickly so you can be together :) and I'm waiting for (I hope :)) exiting vlog/s! :D take care x

  2. whats your favourite shampoo ?

  3. Good on you for getting in! And that watermelon looks so tasty haha! x