Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Summer Beauty Favourites

Over the last few weeks I've realised I've been using some products more often than others and I wanted to finally write a Favourites post again so let's do this!

The first two products are just so important for me at the moment and I use them every day! Before I start tanning/go into the sun, I use some Piz Buin Tan&Protect Spray all over my body. It also has a bit of sunscreen in case everything should go wrong, even though I never ever got sunburnt in my entire life. The spray smells amazing and it is just my definiton of the smell of summer for me. It also gives my skin a pretty shine and it doesn't look dry.
After tanning I like to take a shower to get rid of the oil excess from the spray and then I use the Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun lotion, which again smells amazing and is cooling and soothing. After tanning I sometimes experience dry patches on my legs so I like to moisturise straight away and as regularly as possible, to keep my tan for longer. Tip: Try to use a body scrub regularly to remove those dry skin bits in order to let the new skin get a tan, plus your tan will look more even!

The next product I've found very useful lately are the Quickies Eyemake-up remover pads. They come in a little pack that contains 30 wet patches. They don't have a nice smell but they work, which is great. I keep them in my bag when I leave the house for so many reasons! Should I feel like taking off my make-up because I'd like to tan, or even for sticky hands after having ice-cream. Since they are so little, they fit in any bag or even in your pockets to be honest.
I also got a lip butter from MUA in a nice purple shade that looks nice and glossy on the lips. It's nonsticky and easy to take off. The only thing that annoys me a bit is the smell because it's not too good ( it basically smells like the lipgloss from the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette). And another thing that just made me a bit sad right now is that it started melting and I had to put it in the fridge for some hours to try and fix it.

When by the sea I went to a shop and found such temporary tattoos that I decided to get for my cousin. I wasn't too convinced at first to wear them myself but once I tried one of them I thought they are so cool, such a coolk piece of jewelry that you can put on and keep for some days without needing to take care of it and put it on and off. They also last for about a week, which is also cool. So I got myself some of those tattoos myself and will now apply some again. 

The last product for today is the L'biotica BIOVAX hair mask. I got more of those, with different ingredients and so far I've tried this one with honey and cinnamon extracts, almond oil and henna extract, and also a keratin one. However, this turned out to be amazing and I was SO surprised about how soft my hair was after drying it. My hair has a very rough structure, which is not damaged, just genetically like that and this causes it to look more damaged than it actually is, which annoys me a lot! Now, this hair mask hid all the shorter ends that would usually stick out of the rest after drying my hair and my hair was just all frizzy. After that mask it was all sleek and so soft and healthy looking that I definitely need to stock up on those and start using them regularly. Especially now, having my hair cut, I need to make sure it will stay pretty and healthy for longer, no matter if it's because of the sun or the cold.

Also, check out my summer make-up tutorial I filmed recently! TUTORIAL



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