Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Bit Of Retail Therapy

Uni is a bit too much for me at the moment because I study all the time but I still have more to revise than I already did by now and this is just a nightmare! (since I have 9 days left!)
And on top of that I had a dentist appointment this morning, and the dentist is pretty much my biggest fear in life. I absolutely can't stand even knowing that one day I'll need to go back for an appointment.
And today I didn't have the most relaxing appointment cause I had to get two fillings and got so much anestethics because the pain was unbelievable. I was mentally tired after that, so my mum and I went to do some Christmas shopping and I got myself two early Christmas gifts too. ( And I think I deserve a little treat after all the stress I've been through over the last weeks. I mean the stress will go on until I've passed my exams, but still)

I got this super cute make-up bag and a beautifully scented candle.
The make-up bag was too pretty and too handy not to buy!

It is made of two pouches that are connected at the bottom and you can close the two halves with a clasp on the top. Both pouches have zippers in order to keep everything inside safely and on the inside ( i.e. when you open the clasp and pull apart the pouches) there are see through sides, which is so practical because you see all of your make-up immediately withouth having to shuffle around everything twice until you finally find the piece you're looking for.
It is also pretty big compared to my previous make-up bags but now my brushes and all of the make-up and skincare I use wil fit in and I'll have everything at one spot.

And then I saw this candle box and opened it to smell the candle and I fell in love! Since I am a huge scented candle smell, I always have to check out all the candles in the shops and I've never had a candle from this brand before, but this candle I picked today is just a dream! It's such a beautiful, calm, relaxing smell and I can't wait to finally burn it. Although I'll probably find it too sad using it up. But it looks so pretty! ( and it also smells the same obviously!)

I hope you'll forgive me my absence but as I mentioned in the beginning I have ABSOLUTELY no time for blogging, and I also don't want to scribble down some quick, crappy posts either.
So I was thinking of posting a bit less now until the exams are over- because they are my priority now.

Just now I'm waiting for my friend Julia, who can be seen here in our latest video that we made together, and we are gonna try and study a bit for those exams.

Have a nice afternoon everyone! :)




  1. I love your bag, it is gorgeous

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

    1. Oh thank you! I love it too! It's so cool and so cute at the same time! :)