Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Anatomicals Product Review

Today I'm back on the blog with a couple of goodies from Anatomicals. 
So I got a lip balm, a joint & muscle rub and three face masks to present to you.

The first thing I have to say about those products is: How cool is that design?! It's so simple but then again the product descriptions are so on point and you really get what you need.

The lip balm seriously got my favourite lip product and this is the only thing I'm wearing on my lips lately! It's a lip balm that smells so, so good of cherries and it's called " Never lose your cherry"! It's such a fruity, summery smell that I sometimes open the tube just to smell it. Seriously. 
It is a clear gloss, with absolutely no colour actually, so you could also wear it on top of a lipstick to achieve a glossy look. 
The size of the lipgloss also seems so generous to me. You get 15 ml in this squeezy tube and I feel like those kind of glosses are usually way smaller.
I carry this lipgloss with me everywhere because I absolutely love it! If you have the chance to get it- get it!

The sachet with the zombie woman turning into a pretty woman is filled with three different face masks called "Now you're ready to face the world" and I've used one of them so far. Below you can see what masks you find inside:
-Farewell the scarlet pimperhell - a deep cleansing mud mask
-grease isn't the word. ( tell me more, tell me more) - a mattifying face mask
and - look, you've got chocolate all over your face - an anti-stress face mask

I used the mud mask because I wanted to cleanse my face properly because I do struggle with blackheads and dry bits of skin around spots. I picked this mask because it just sounded like the perfect solution for my problems. I left it on for 10-15 minutes and then washed it off and ta-dah: I have a smooth and clean face! Success!

And the last product seemed to me like such a random, joke item. It's called " Ta-ta ooh ouch aah" and it's a rub for your sore joints and muscles and that's what I have most of the time unfortunately. So it kind of made me laugh but then on the other hand I was again thinking: That's actually something that I could really need!
And very quickly one of those evenings came around that left me laying in bed with terribly sore knees and then I decided that it was time to test this product. What I have to say about it is that it stinks. I have no idea which of the ingredients it is but it definitely is not a product you want to have near your face/ nose. But it gave me a cool, relaxing feeling on the knees and I guess this is what it should do. Obviously, I get really bad pains, which means that this won't let the pain disappear completely, but it's definitely a good product to try when you are in light pain.

To conclude I'd like to say that those products are seriously great and also so affordable, so I'd go totally crazy if I saw them in a shop ( but I haven't so far in Vienna).
Let me know if you've tried Anatomicals products already! :)

Have a great day everyone!



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