Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Empty Products - Winter Months

Hello everyone!
I guess this is my last post before Christmas, even though I really wanted to do one about Christmas outfit ideas, like I did last year, but since I've already packed for Poland, I can't show you now what I want to wear this year. But I have to say that I packed all of those dresses, which means that most likely I'll wear exactly the same things that I did last year!

But back to the topic of today's post: It's empties time again!
I really waited until our last full day in Vienna before going to Poland to write this post ( finally!). I've collected way too many products this time, but this is due to the fact that I'm not doing empties posts regularly ( which is a big mistake).

So let's start with make-up removers. I don't know how I managed to use up so many of them!
My tiny Bioderma Sebium micellar water was emptied some time ago before I decided to finish off my Hydrabio one, because it was still half full. I really like both of them and if you speak German you can check out here what I have to say about the Bioderma micellar water. ( you can also find this video on Bioderma Austria's fanpage on Facebook!)
I'm a huge Bioderma fan ( obviously) and since they do not only cleanse my face but also remove all of my make-up, they are very handy and easy to use. 

Another micellar water I really got to like is the Bourjois one for waterproof make-up ( but I use this one for removing make-up only). It has a reasonable price and I always stock up in Poland. But what I don't like about it too much is that it spills quite a lot, meaning that you always have way too much of the water on your cotton pad and it gets empty very quickly.

Then I also got those Quickies eye make-up removing pads in my Pink Parcel that I subscribed back in the UK. I loved it during summer and had it with me everywhere because the packet is just so tiny and I was using it for removing my no make-up make-up but also for sticky hands after having ice cream or waffles with cream or whatever you eat outside during summer.
However, when I wanted to use them just a month ago I believe, the remaining pads have completely dried out and I had to throw them away.

Next: hair products! I've been using the shampoos that were at home so one used up bottle is the Head&Shoulders citrus fresh shampoo which is pretty okay in my opinion and then the Pantene Pro-V anti dandruff, which I liked more, but I still prefer the smooth & silky version.
Unfortunately I emptied the Batiste can of the limited edition scent 'eden'. What I liked a lot about it was the beautiful smell and also the fact that I could go with another extra day without washing my loong hair. I know that for me it doesn't make my greasy hair look incredible, but better than it would look like without using it, which is a good thing.
I also got a parcel with some Tigi Bed Head samples of their brunette range. I've used their Fashionista brunette shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. I loved the cocoa/coconut smell but the shampoo was brown and didn't look too refreshing actually. But still, my hair felt and looked nice after using the hair mask and I was quite satisfied with the products.
Another hair mask I've recently used ith the L'biotica biovax with natural oils that I discovered last summer and loved it straight away! Again, this makes my hair look and feel beautiful, which means that I need to try and get more of it!

I've used up my two L'Occitane en Provence shower products; the Almond shower oil and the jasmin and bergamote shower gels. I've absolutely enjoyed using both. Their quality is simply amazing and the smell is impressive too! Also, thr desing of those little bottles was something that I liked a lot!
You can read more about them here!

One of my favourite deodorants is the gofresh by Dove, with the pomegranate scent, and this is just a gigantic can that Eryk once got me back in Scotland. The smell is fresh and fruity/floral which is great and not too heavy.

What else is already used up is my Bi-Oil. I received it in the mail and started using it the same day. After just a month it was all gone and I was sad because I believe this is a great product. I was using  it every day on my stretchmarks and I discovered some new ones, that were invisible within 4 days! 
I definitely recommend this for fresh stretchmarks, because it really does help at that stage! ( Plus it leaves your skin moisturised, soft and beautiful smelling!)

My favourite perfume, Cherry in the air by Escada is already all gone too since this was a limited edition perfume it is SO hard to get it anywhere now. It is very fruity and sweet, but also fresh, what I really love about a perfume. I've had it for a couple of years now and if I'll find it somewhere I'll be happy to buy it once again.

The last two products are some face products again: mascara and face mask.
I got the Avon Super Extend Extreme mascara two or three years ago for Christmas and I was so excited to use it since I've had an Avon mascara before this one and I absolutely loved the other one.
However, this one turned out to be very watery and it only gave my lashes a bit of length, but they were not lifted/curled nor thickened so this mascara didn't really do much. I did use it for my bottom lashes though for a long time as it worked well there. With time I've been using it less often until it dried out some time ago. This mascara has a silicon wand which I always actually liked, so I'll clean it and use it for something else.

And last but not least the Superdrug Superfruits Exfoliating mask. It is super cheap, the smell is beautiful, it works so well that I bought a few of the sachets at once and I've been using it throughout my time in Scotland and also in Vienna I still had two or three left. Now I've run out of all of them and that's not too great because it did give my face an incredible cleanse, leaving it super soft without any blackheads or dry patches of skin. It is amazing!

That was all of my empties! As soon as I get about 5 empties or so I'll do an empties post because if I collect too many over time, it is just much more difficult to summarise them all!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! We're heading to Poland tomorrow and I am pretty excited but also very sad due to the fact that Eryk won't be there. :(



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