Sunday, 20 December 2015

Pre-Christmas Vlog

I can't believe that Christmas is already in 4 days!
Time flies by way too quickly and I'm shocked I've already had my first uni exams.
The previous weeks have been so stressful for me with all the revision I had to do but now it's over- at least for some time.
I passed one out of two exams, which means that I need to resit the second one in February, but I hope that by then it will all be good.

Now I'll finally have one or two weeks off before I start revising again, so I can finally relax and have some time for myself, and my family.

Here's the vlog, where you can see and hear everything that was going on last week!

And also don't forget to check the link in the description box, to see what I was doing exactly one year ago! :)

Hope you're all having a good and calm pre-Christmas time! :)



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