Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Bioderma Micellar Water Video

Some time ago I was talking about a project I'm working on and now that it's already filmed and up on my Youtube channel I can finally say what it was. Obviously, I was quite excited and now that it's live I think I'm even more excited and proud!
I am so happy that I got such an amazing opportunity!
So, my friend Julia and I were filming a video for Bioderma Austria about the famous Micellar water, because now Bioderma products are also available in some Viennese pharmacies, which is great and I've been waiting for this for so long!

Since my friend and I both have different skin types we could test two different versions of the Micellar Water and we filmed our impressions etc.
I'd appreciate it if you'd go and check out the video, even though it is in German, but maybe there is someone here who's never heard of Bioderma, so they can go and see what it looks like!

We had an amazing time filming this and I have to say that it was Julia's first "blogging" experience and I think she did so well!
It was so hard to talk in German about beauty- I totally got used to English over time and I was pretty surprised that I was also making mistakes and saying passages over and over again until I got them right!

I'd be happy if you gave it a thumbs up anyways and if you subscribed, if you haven't yet.
Of course, I will continue uploading the usual English videos! Don't worry! :)



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