Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My New Year's Resolutions

I am still very shocked that 2015 has come to an end so fast!
I got to do so many things this year and even though many plans of mine didn't work out, I still have some amazing memories.
I finished both my courses at Edinburgh College and graduated with an A in both French and Spanish, which I am very proud of.
I got into the University of Vienna and am now studying something that I am pretty interested in, and even though I still have to resit one exam in early February, I am happy that I already did pass one straight away.
Eryk and I went to Poland for our Summer Holidays and we had some amazing weeks there that I won't forget.
Unfortunately I had to leave behind my love, Eryk, in Scotland and make my way back to Vienna in order to study, which was a very hard decision and I am still very sad about the fact that we are separated again, but for this reason I am hoping for a better year. I hope that this year we will figure out a way to spend as much time together as possible.
Also, my little brother started school, which made a proud big sister.
A thing that I actually hated about the last months of this year was that I didn't have time to blog. It was because of my exams and I just didn't get to buy things/ wear things/ show things. But still, I gained a few new subscribers on my Youtube Channel  and I've also seen a little increase in my blog views, which made me happy.

For 2016 I want to achieve those things:
- I want to pass all the exams I need to.
- I want to move house and create a litte kingdom for myself.
- I want to plan my blog posts and schedule them, make sure I upload regularly and as often as possible.
- I want to make sure Eryk and I will meet often and make great memories over this year. <3
- I also want to eat a bit more healthy and try to exercise in my free time.
- I want to go on holidays somewhere nice with my Love. <3

Apart from that there is not much I could change as far as I'm concerned just now.

I hope your 2015 was a good one, and that 2016 will be even better!
Do you have any resolutions, plans already??



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